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Being at the mercy of freelancing platforms for remote jobs can be frustrating especially for newbies. When you manage to get your first two gigs, you get heavily underpriced, you work so hard, and sometimes end up with back pain that lasts for ages. The algorithms of freelancing platforms frustrate you so much that you feel freelancing and remote work is a waste of time. 

Sometimes you’re told to change your country from your native African origin to the United States or even European countries, you struggle to do this and many more but still there is no success. Sometimes as a beginner, you have zero portfolios to show to your clients to make them hire you. 

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The challenge is so much and you’re already frustrated. I understand the pain because I have been there. I used to be one of those who spent money to buy virtual numbers just so I could claim another nationality on Upwork. 

All these are completely unnecessary when you understand and implement the right remote work and freelancing strategies that I’ll be teaching you in this course. 

Whether you already have some digital marketing skills or not, the academy is positioned to teach you powerful digital marketing skills like SEO and content writing and also offer you internship opportunities to build portfolios you can use to sell yourself. 

You do not need to wait any longer. 2023 can be the year you make a difference through remote work and freelancing. Let me hold your hand and walk you through the steps and strategies to create unlimited remote work/freelancing opportunities even without using Upwork or any freelancing platforms. 

My name is Enema OJ and this is one of my greatest strengths. I can make you powerful and a highly-paid freelancer or remote worker when you enroll today.